To meet the needs of our clients and every project stakeholder, we provide initial budgets for feasibility studies, preliminary project schedules, site assessment studies, value engineering, and subcontractor and supplier selection for clients on all types of construction projects.


We know the ability to choose the right people to best control a project’s budget, schedule, safety, and quality from concept to completion is one of the most important parts of our job. To do so, we provide consultant and design services as a single point of contact, controlling the entire design and construction process.


Leadership is critical to a project’s success. We provide coordination with the owner’s design consultants and selection of the subcontractors and suppliers that best fit a project’s requirements. We manage the entire process from the geotechnical engineering to the final keying of the project and owner move in. The management of this process is based on selecting the right people on our team and within our subcontractor/supplier base to complete the project in a safe manner while delivering a high quality product.


We believe our approach allows us to utilize all the resources of our people to self-perform work or subcontract work as we see fit to best accomplish the task set before us. Our people work hard to schedule the project, contract with the right people (subcontractors and suppliers), and manage the process, safety, and quality to complete a project that gives all those involved a sense of pride.


Concrete is often one of the largest and most critical scopes involved in a project, particularly in industrial applications. Our ability to self-perform the concrete components of our projects allows greater control over cost, schedule and quality and allows us to pass these benefits directly to the end user of the facility.

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